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Mission Statement and Philosophy. Hind Biotech Inc. is dedicated to creating a profitable enterprise through manufacturing and marketing the finest quality organic fertilizer and by increasing awareness about natural soil management practices.


About us

Changing Paradigms :-
The Indian public is concerned about the use of chemicals in the urban environment and is demanding natural alternatives. As a result there is a need for environmentally friendly ways of dealing with soil fertility, as well as pest and disease problems. Knowledge about Natural Soil Management is a must for the landscape and gardening professionals of the future. It is not enough to simply replace chemical pesticides with natural alternatives. We must first look to our soil quality and its ability to support life. “Feeding the soil and allowing the soil to feed the plants, as opposed to feeding the plants directly with soluble, salt based nutrients, is the fundamental difference between conventional fertilization and organic soil management practices. Increasing biological activity, organic matter and minerals in the soil is essential for chemical pesticide and fertilizer reduction.” By supporting living systems in the soil, we increase the soil ecosystem and ultimately the plants natural ability to resist disease and pest infestation.
Experience and History
Hind Biotech Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing a “vast line” of organic fertilizers and soil amendments to farm and garden markets in Northern India since 2006. We have established national distribution through independent distribution centres and Direct selling for the benefit of farmers. Hind Biotech fertilizers are available commercially through our traditional distribution network. And our new generation specialized products are sold through Hind Biotech Corporation ( A wholly owned subsidiary of Hind Biotech group). Hind Biotech is a Direct Selling Company feeding the farmers directly through the current age network marketing model.
Hind Biotech provides Natural Soil Management solutions
for certified organic farmers and gardeners as well as horticultural professionals. We inventory a large selection of organic fertilizers and natural soil amendments in India to meet specific nutrient requirements of our varied customers.
Product Quality
All of our blended products are unique organic/natural formulations. They are not based on N-P-K technology, they are designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil.This improves the soils ability to cycle nutrients naturally and increases plant vitality to an optimum level. Our product development expertise of over the last three decades has been based on producing healthy soil, resulting in optimal plant vitality.
Product Performance
Our products have been proven successful in a number of horticultural and agricultural applications. Trials indicate increased natural resistance to disease and pest infestation, drought and general stress along with a number of cost saving benefits. Growers across the spectrum of horticultural disciplines report a profound increase in plant vitality.
What Hind Biotech can do for you
Provide valuable information for transitioning into natural management Provide premium quality natural fertilizers for your customer base Customize natural fertilizer products to meet your specific market needs Educate your staff on implementing Natural Soil Management practices
This is an innovative, ground breaking approach to external conditions changing the Indian Agricultural industry. This is not about belief systems. This is about taking the opportunity to expand business by meeting customer needs in a changing market.
Hind Biotech’s Management and Consulting Team
Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in logistics, distribution, market development, consulting and sales of natural fertilizers.
Sh. R.C. Singh, founder and President,
has unique knowledge of all aspects of the Indian organic and chemical fertilizer industry including supply sources, regulations, market development and distribution logistics. He has specialized experience of over 35 yrs in formulating farm chemicals of organic and chemical nature for a wide range of applications throughout the agricultural industry. Sh. R.C. Singh has developed and assembled the widest range of organic fertilizers and soil amendments in India. He has worked as an industry advisor on fertilizers and pesiticides for many top notch national and international companies.
Sarvesh Chaudhary,
has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a diploma in Business Management. Sarvesh has over 15 years of management experience including managing multi-faceted professional teams and supply chain logistics. He has developed and implemented business plans, environmental plans and has played a key role in the shaping the modern Multi tier marketing network which benefits the Farmer by direct selling.
Deepak Singh,
has a Masters degree in Computer Applications. He has 9 years of experience in IT and technology management and looks after the IT infrastrucure for the company. He has extensive overseas experience and is constantly working to bring the latest technology in Agriculure world to the benefit of Indian farmers.
Ch. Jeet Singh ,
Organic Agriculture Consultant, has aquired Master degree in Agriculture Science. He has been applying organic farming practices in the public and private sectors for the past 15 years. He was an early adaptor of these practices during the 30 years he spent in Farming. Professional Agriculture training from PUSA, along with 30 years of farming and gardening experience, has provided him with a unique set of skills for applying organic landscape and farm management practices. He has been consulting for Hind Biotech for the last 2 years.

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